Floor Guide

  • モスプレミアム/マザーリーフティースタイル
  • [1F][Gourmet Hamburger and Craft beer / Cafe]
  • Mos Premium / Mother Leaf Tea Style
  • [Mos Premium]
    13 types of gourmet hamburgers and eight varieties of craft beer. Mos Premium, a cafe for adults, where you can enjoy lunch, dinner and all kind of different scenes.
    [Mother Leaf Tea Style]
    We are proud of our sweets which match our delicious tea and coffee. Our special waffles are made to order and served to you fresh and hot. Please also enjoy pasta and other cafe style meals.
  • 045-226-3850
  • [1F][Convenience Store]
  • 7-Eleven
  • We present new line of quality driven, dainty products, as well as “safe and healthy” alternatives of 7-Eleven's original products. Seven Bank ATM's also available.
  • 045-651-7368
  • ベスリTMS横浜醫院
  • [1F][A clinic that specializes in supporting the mental health of businesspeople]
  • Besli TMS Yokohama Clinic open in 2 September
  • We provide basic treatments such as sleep outpatients and TMS treatments that do not rely on drugs to help working people who suffer from decreased productivity and mental health issues such as decreased concentration, brain fog, trouble sleeping, and difficulty waking up refreshed. We also provide care for colds and hay fever.
    Even if you wonder, "Is it okay to get a medical examination for something like this?" please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • 045-232-4583
  • [2F][Shochu Izakaya]
  • Imozou
  • Eat your hearts content with approximately 300 selection of Shochu and Kyushu cuisine. Seek out your favourite Shochu with our skillfully prepared appetizers and charbroiled “Sumibiyaki” dishes.
  • 045-210-9200
  • Gappo
  • [2F][Teppan Bar]
  • Gappo
  • Experience the sizzling Teppan dishes in the Gappo wine bar. Over 50 selection of wines from around the world. Drink up with our luscious tappas.
  • 045-210-9201
  • 銀だこハイボール酒場イメージ
  • [2F][takoyaki, whisky and soda]
  • GINDACO Highball Sakaba
  • The highball bar produced by Tsukiji Gindako has prepared the best combination of hot Takoyaki and strong, refreshing carbonated high ball.
    In addition to the takoyaki limited to the bar, you can easily enjoy a variety of sake and a rich selection of snacks.
    Please enjoy a pleasant time with the lively interior and food.
  • 045‐228‐9959
  • 方舟イメージ
  • [2F][Japanese Sake & Slow Food]
  • "Local sake made with local ingredients"
    Hakobune delivers the bounties the Hokushinetsu region directly to you.
    We are a junmai sake specialty store with over 100 varieties!
    Please enjoy the products specially selected by sake sommeliers!
  • 045-264-9650
  • [2F][Beauty Salon]
  • We cut, colour, perm, extend and set. Satisfy not only with your new do, but also lounge in our antique decor salon with our merry staff.
    Drop-in's welcome!
  • 045-227-6699
  • [2F][Indoor Golf School]
  • Indoor Golf School BEAGLE's characteristics are
    (1) Clubs, shoes, and gloves can all be rented out for free so you can come empty-handed!
    (2) One minute away by foot from Sakuragicho Station!
    (3) You can take all the lessons you want!
    (4) A total of seven boxes equipped with the newest simulator!
    Even beginners can visit with peace of mind.
  • 045-264-4244
  • HUB / Rooftop Terrace open in 25 July
  • 【HUB】
    A cash-on-delivery English-style pub where you can chat with like-minded friends over beer, listen to music, and watch sports.
    【Rooftop Terrace】
    Enjoy a premium feeling different from usual on the open terrace where you can see the night view.
  • 045-306-8607
  • 鳥ぎん
  • [3F][Yakitori/ Tappas/ Kamameshi]
  • Yokohama Torigin
  • Yakitori/ Kamameshi speciality restaurant. Enjoy both our open kitchen and our scenic night lights on a girl's night out. Lay back and enjoy the spectacular view.
  • 045-210-0311
  • 九州熱中屋
  • [3F][Kyushu Cuisine: Best mackerel and Gyoza restaurant]
  • Kyushu Necchuya
  • Sake bar featuring delicious dishes collected from all over Kyushu. We're waiting for your visit with our specially selected mackerel sashimi and beloved Hakata Motsunabe.
  • 045-650-7730
  • 青龍門
  • [3F][Taiwanese Restaurant]
  • Seiryumon
  • Inspired by underground canal, restaurant interior presents provocative expression. Taste the Taiwanese small dishes prepared by our renowned chefs.
  • 045-222-0571
  • [3F][American Restaurant & Bar]
  • Located in 60 countries with over 900 locations, we are a world famous American restaurant & bar. Enjoy our American food and drink along with our friendly server in an American atmosphere.
  • 045-222-0691
  • 湘南ゆるり。
  • [4F][Japanese Izakaya]
  • Shonan Yururi
  • Japanese fusion Izakaya featuring charbroiled “Sumibiyaki”, fresh seasonal fish and ingredients. Catering myriad lines of menu and charming interior.
  • 045-640-3577
  • 桜木町de焼肉DOURAKU
  • [4F][Yakiniku (Korean BBQ)]
  • Sakuragi-cho de Yakiniku DOURAKU
  • Yakiniku Douraku is a famous Japanese black beef Kurogewagyu specialty restaurant from Yokohama.
    As we bulk buy our branded meat, we can offer our customers low prices and some special cuts of meat.
    Please enjoy your meal with us while admiring the view over Minato Mirai.
  • 045-307-3929
  • 桜木町de焼肉DOURAKU
  • [4F][Japanese cuisine / Tempura]
  • Sapporo YASUKE / TENSEI
  • [Sapporo YASUKE]
    Starting with items that make full use of their ingredients, we provide visitors with seasonal foods.
    We have an assortment of local sakes, allowing you to enjoy Hokkaido thoroughly.
    Spend a moment to relish our tempura and wine.
    From tempura that has been made with attention to the ingredients, using shrimp, abalone, and oysters, to more creative variations, we have an assortment of menu options that you can enjoy together with wine.
  • 045-640-3255(札幌弥助)/☎045-228-8301(天星)
  • [5F][Dining & Bar]
  • Scenic Hotel fine dining. Enjoy dishes meticulously prepared by our chefs. Buffet style during breakfast and lunch. À la carte or course menus at dinner. And party in private room.
  • 045-683-3166
  • 麻布テーラー
  • [6F][Shop]
  • azabu tailor
  • A popular business attire selection shop catering to the hard-working businessman. Features tailor-made suits from 44000 JPY with tailor-made shirts, formal wear, and more, along with a full selection of essential business accessories.
  • 045-323-9580
  • リアルパートナーズ
  • [6F][Real Estate Brokerage, Financial Planning Services]
  • Real Partners
  • As experts in financial matters and life planning, we offer you peace of mind when you are looking for a new home.
    Our aim is to be a lifelong partner for our customers, helping them to buy a house, and more than that, to fulfill their dreams, with due consideration for their own future happiness and that of their families.
    Please feel free to visit us for a mortgage consultation, or to inquire about our many investment properties.
  • 045-250-6703
  • テティス横濱美容皮膚科
  • [6F][Spots, Wrinkles, Nasolabial Fold Treatment, Hyaluronic Acid Injection Specialist]
  • Our clinic specialize in dermatological cosmetic treatment such as; dark spots, freckles, liver spots, wrinkles, sagging, acne, skin tag and mold. We provide treatment and esthetic care based upon “Skin Make-up” (skin quality/ skin toning). Feel free to walk in for a consultation!
  • 045-228-7391
  • [7F][Matchmaking – Marriage Advisor]
  • Sunmarie has been advising and uniting couples since 1981. Caring for our member's happiness first, we provide reliable support system and substantial matchmaking.
  • 0120-912-873
  • 横浜桜木町歯科
  • [7F][Dentistry]
  • Yokohama Sakuragicho Dental
  • Do you want a straight and naturally bright smile?
    We provide comprehensive Microscope Dentistry treatment for your healthy smile.
  • 045-264-4188
  • 東天紅
  • [24F][Chinese Cuisine]
  • Overlooking the Minato Mirai thru Nogeyama vistas, you can utilize in our affordable lunches, private rooms and party in the ceremonial hall (up to 100 persons).
  • 045-681-1015